October 26, 2021 | 11:21 am
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This page lists members of the IGA Administration. For a list of all volunteers please see our forum. For support please see the about page. If you want to apply for staff click here. If you want to see a list of those we have gotten support from see this page.

Board Members
Josh Hina – Chair
jhina (at) imagogame (d0t) com
Kevin Gordon – At Large
kgordon (at) imagogame.com
Kris Parker – Staff Adviser
kparker (at) imagogame (d0t) com
Melody Spaulding – PR
board (at) imagogame (d0t) com
Brandon Woodruff – At Large
bwoodruff (at) imagogame (d0t) com
Kevin Bauer – Technology Adviser
kbauer (at) imagogame (d0t) com
Name Title Nick/Username E-Mail
Josh H. President/Operations Coordinator RisaXSeph jhina (at) imagogame.com
Kris P. Services Coordinator Searay kparker (at) imagogame.com
Kevin B. Technology Adviser kev88 notify (at) imagogame.com
EJ Support Services Manager EJ ej (at) imagogame.com
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