October 26, 2021 | 11:11 am
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This page lists credits for those who have helped out the IGA in its operations. If you would like to be added to this page please contact mgnt (at) imagogame.net directly.

Rick Garrett (Preposterown/Ritter) was the Operations Coordinator and one of the senior members of the Board of Directors for the IGA. Rick oversaw changes into our current legal structure and has helped bring the group from being a group of friends playing games together to a group where people can game but also seek support and build a better world through their love for games.

Melody Spaulding was the DIMS VP of Operations and started out as a moderator for websites DIMS operated. She now offers occasional advice on community management, public relations and member support.

Jonas Sandberg was the Chief Technical Officer for DIMS up until its closure in 2015. Jonas now provides advice on technical matters and occasionally helps with systems administration and in-house software development.

Charlie Gracie has been an adviser for some of DIMS special projects and currently acts in that role providing internal review for some of our websites. He has been with this group since 2010.

Kevin Gordon has been a volunteer with IGA and DIMS since 2013. He once assisted with administration of Madness Minecraft and the IGA TeamSpeak.

Cameron Fifield (Cfifield81) was the DIMS Chief Operations Officer for a short period of time in 2014. He also provided marketing advice and was an administrator on Madness Minecraft up until the change over to IGA.

Nate (Sgt. Fenix) was the Projects Manager up until the IGA transition. He sticks around on occasion to help out on the game servers.

Brad Hand provided financial support to the group and is a long time member of Madness Minecraft.

Mermer is the financial backer of BLS. He has been helping IGA with its financial operations since BLS joined the group over a year ago.

Fasterpatrick has been an administrator for Madness Minecraft for years and still interacts with the IGA often. He has also helped out briefly with group management.

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