October 26, 2021 | 12:47 pm
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IGA’s Summer Program’s are listed below on the day and time they start. We venture to do one or two events per day. If you are interested in planning an event or program please contact Kevin Gordon our Operations Coordinator at kgordon (at) imagogame.com or Josh Hina the IGA President at jhina (at) imagogame.com. if you have a large group that would like to participate in a program please contact Kris Parker our Services Coordinator at kparker (at) imagogame.com.

Halo Custom Edition – 9 PM Pacific
Unturned – 6 PM Pacific
Blizzard Pick Your Game – 6 PM
Halo Custom Edition – 6 PM Pacific
Gary’s Mod – 9 PM Pacific
League of Legends – 6 PM Pacific
CS:GO – 9 PM Pacific
Cards Against Humanity – 6 PM Pacific
Open Activity – 12 PM Pacific

We are also in the process of planning Magic: The Gathering games, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 games and other in person activities in certain locations. More specific information along with times and dates will be posted on the IGA front page upon planning of each event. For questions or concerns please reach out to IGA’s Customer Service Team at support.imagogame.com.

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