January 18, 2022 | 9:54 am
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New Path For the IGA

Hello community.

Over the past two and a half years the IGA has attempted to provide a place online where people can come to enjoy themselves, get help and live life better to accomplish our goal of “doing good things through gaming”. During these two and a half years there have been a number of concerns brought forth by the community about if this is sustainable, the practices that mangers have use to conduct the organization’s operations and various policy related questions. Following an incident last year with the resignation of our Vice President the Board of Directors made changes to the structure of the group as a whole in hopes that this would make things better overall and we would be able to continue to operate in the way we have.

After discussion among the Board, those staff whom are left and people concerned with the group’s operations it has been decided to make a number of changes to how the IGA operates as in its current form continuing to operate and try to maintain the status quo is not productive. Before I got into details of the changes I want to make something clear; my reason for this is that some people still continue to not understand that this is not a corporation, this is not a clan, this is not just a group of friends “playing together.” This needs to be understood. People whom have reservations about this place NEED to bring their concerns to management or the board… My job as the President is to operate the organization and manage its staff as such I have to undertake certain duties as a job; that is just what this is… wither or not I am paid is a different issue; voluntary work is still work. Please stop assuming that staff actions are based on their personal opinions; this is a workplace.

Now that this has been said here is a list of changes that will be occurring. More will come as time goes on but this is the first step in moving on for the IGA as a charitable organization.

– The IGA will be terminating support for community operations. This means that any community activities IGA ran online will be handed off to organizations that work with the IGA.
– The IGA’s game servers will still be hosted by IGA but they will be managed by the community groups we work with NOT IGA staff members.
– We may be dropping certain staff positions and services as a result of this change.
– Support for financial (donations), administrative and member services issues will only be occurring from 12 PM – 5 PM Pacific Time via ticket and phone.
– Technical support will be continue to be offered over Discord and all other methods. Staff for this will still be on call 24 hours a day. If you notice a service IGA hosts is offline please notify our technical support group by email at notify (at) imagogame (dot) com.

These changes will also be resulting in a number of rooms disappearing on the IGA Discord, some bots disappearing and a number of other changes with our servers. There will also be lots of internal tasks and other things that will be going on in the background to allow IGA to focus on its relationship with partner organizations, planning of local events and supporting of its offline activities that will be coming soon. Any group interested in services or helping manage one of our servers please email mgnt (at) imagogame (dot) com.


Josh Hina
International Gaming Association
On behalf of the Board of Directors and Community Reconstruction Workgroup

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