October 26, 2021 | 10:51 am
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Quarter 1 Report


We have had a rather slow first quarter however in some events that have occurred it has solidified our purpose. This charity was founded to basically enrich people’s lives through gaming; we do this through education, support, technical assistance, event management and community organization… These terms though they seem large really what it comes down to is we help people find things to do, help them do them, make sure they have fun doing them and get them the support they need to do them. We had a rocky bit doing that last year but we still managed to provide that in some capacity. During the past three months we moved from TeamSpeak to Discord, opened and closed an Empyrion server, began providing services to a community again and started working toward planning events once more. It is our hope that we can further the goal of helping to better our community’s overall sense of togetherness and willingness to interact. In the next quarter we plan to downsize our online operations but increase the size of our community and hopefully seek external funding. This report is short but this is only due to the fact that it is more to show that we have not abandoned our supporters, the public nor our donors… We will continue to be here to support you and to develop this organization into a working platform for the future and for a better future.


Josh Hina (RisaXSeph)
International Gaming Association
jhina (at) imagogame.com
1 (855) 984 – 1866 x 6001
Twitter/Skype/Disqus: risaxseph

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