January 18, 2022 | 11:19 am
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Changes to the IGA


A new time for the IGA has arrived… Following a meeting of the board on November 28th 2016 multiple decisions were made about the future of the IGA and how it would operate. As is typical for me at this point I am going to use bullet-points to explain further.

– IGA will be dropping social and community related purposes from its mission due to the level of internal conflict that occurred between the membership, management and the organization at large.
– To fulfill its mission as a charitable organization it was decided that the IGA will be providing free technical assistance to gaming organizations or places that need help with the services we provide website hosting, technical support, TeamSpeak 3 hosting and game server hosting in specific scenarios.
– Going along with this any community that IGA currently hosts or helps maintain will be allowed to conduct business as they see fit so long as it does not violate our policies or rules (See the Legal Page.).
– As part of this we will no longer be providing support on our TS3 servers. If you need support please call us, file a ticket, chat with us or reach out to a staff member via email.

As part of this change concerns were brought forth about potential misuse of company funds. The board ordered an internal investigation and no wrongdoing was found therefor no action was taken. Should anyone have any questions about this investigation please email board (at) imagogame.com. The board will now continue to meet annually. If you have any concerns related to these changes please reach out to our support team via the “Support” option on the lower left of the site.

Josh Hina
International Gaming Association

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