October 26, 2021 | 10:56 am
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IGATS.PW and New Services


IGA’s goal is to help people have more fun in their lives or rather that is one of our goals. In movement toward this we anted to make our TeamSpeak Services easier to understand, setup and use. As a result of this comes the launch of our TS specific arm igats.pw. This way the parent IGA can focus on games and local programs and not bog you down with TS related things. Cool features we offer as part of this NEW service:

– Free Custom Hostname (yourname.igats.pw)
– Web Panel Access to Admin your TS wherever you are.
– More focused support with our TS Service specific support group.
– All our services are donation sponsored; meaning you pay nothing if you don’t want to.
– Easier applications and faster responses to new applications
– 24-hour Set-Up Turnaround (Usually within hours)

All of these changes are to help you be able to focus more on your life and having more fun. Leave the technical stuff to us. If you do not have to pay some huge company that does not care about you for it then don’t; come join our numbers of supporters who now only get their TS servers through us.

Josh Hina
International Gaming Association

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