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2015-2016 Annual Report


Welcome to the IGA’s First Annual Report! We have existed as a mutual benefit and later a public benefit nonprofit charity for a year now. Our overall goal has morphed from being a small group of friends working to help one another and give each other a place to have fun to providing the pubic a place to have fun, get support and ensure that future generations can enjoy the same levels of fun we have. We accomplish these goals through running multiple programs which include hosting game servers for public use, providing space or support to organizations that want to give the gift of fun to others, providing a safe space for people to talk out their problems and get the support they need so they can focus on having fun in addition to programs that help to encourage development of games, activities and events that encourage fun.

During this first year of operations our executive management team has only changed three times with Richard Garrett, Mark Donley and I managing the group… Next Mark left and Rick and I ran things… Finally, Kevin Gordon replaced Rick and Kris Parker was selected to move in to Mark’s former position to manage our services and programs. We initially had a complex management structure but at the end of July and into early August moved forward to simplify the structure and eliminated a number of unnecessary positions. Technology services are currently managed by me, administrative support is overseen by me, volunteers are overseen by Kris Parker and general operations management is overseen by Kevin Gordon. Finances are directed by Kris Parker and I. We also just hired Jennifer Potter as our Social Media and Public Relations Officer. She is set to start work in this position soon.

As far as our actual programs go; we are working on agreements with a few local colleges to begin hiring interns, planning gaming events and organizing local communities. We host a number of game servers to provide people space to play online and provide services to repair member’s computers should they need assistance in being able to play. We also maintain a group of voice servers which have constant use and sporadically grow throughout the year. Through an agreement with the licensing partner for this service we also graciously provide free servers to groups in need for TeamSpeak as an Authorized TeamSpeak Hosting Provider. We are working to expand outreach of our programs and increase exposure of our brands to gather more people to our mission so we can one day begin more local programs, events, tournaments and social support services.

Overall this year has been slow but the progress has been steady and for this being our first full year of operations to be as stable as we are as well as having 501 (c) 3 status we have made huge progress. I am also happy to report that for the last few months we have been financially stable thanks to our donors. We hope to apply for some grants in the near future and are very thankful to corporate donors for contributions they have provided us in the form of software over the year… Thanks to Google, COMODO, Kayako and TechSoup for their assistance. We would also like to thank Amazon Smile and the PayPal Giving Fund for partnering with us to help continue to fund our cause. I am hoping to do these reports more often and apologize for being less communicative than I have been in the past; with the addition of Jennifer to the staff it is a hope that communication with the public will be much more fluid and occur more often. As always my inbox is open to the community with their concerns, questions, ideas or rantings.


Josh Hina
International Gaming Association
jhina (at) imagogame.com

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