October 26, 2021 | 11:05 am
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Help Bring Joy!


I come today bringing words of more attacks; as everyone should know Brussels was attacked almost a week ago in an Airport and Metro Train Station. Earlier today an attack at a Pakistani park resulted in the deaths of many mostly women and children. Events like these are deplorable but they also give us a reason to further the mission here of the IGA; more now then ever do we need something we can all have in common and do peacefully. Please join me in trying to share our mission with others this week so we all can see more joy, meet new people, see less violence, less death and less discrimination worldwide. People should not be using their aggression, misunderstandings or goals to harm one another…. If you have a problem with someone “fight” it out in a game; that way you don’t do irreversible damage to each other and you can have fun in the spirit of competition. People are all different but that is no reason to kill or attack others; just play and live your lives. I hope that we can bring some good to the world.


Josh Hina
International Gaming Association

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