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Server List/Support Information

Hello and Happy New Year!

This is the first business day of the year and as we are starting out our year here is some updates regarding our servers and how to get in touch with us. Most of our users are on TeamSpeak; usually this is the best way to get in touch with staff. Anyway on to our list…

TeamSpeak: ts.imagogame.com
Battlefield 1942: bf1942.imagogame.net:14567 (Down)
StarMade: StarMade.imagogame.com:4242
CS:GO: csgo.imagogame.com
DayZ EPOCH: dayz.imagogame.com:2302
Minecraft: searaymc.imagogame.com:25861
Unturned: unturned.imagogame.com:25444
Rust (Experimental) : rust.imagogame.com:28016
Rust (Legacy) : hydeant.hydesvr.pw (Down)
Cards Against Humanity: cah.imagogame.com:8080
GMod: hydeant.hydesvr.pw (Down)
IRC: irc.imagogame.com (Web Chat: http://imagogame.com/index.php/support-chat/)

The servers marked as down are only turned on upon request; please let one of our technicians know if you want to use those servers and they will let you know when/if we can get that on for you. If you have problems joining a game, have ideas for IGA, want to donate or are having issues with a user or service you can reach out to the IGA Member Services Team. If you host your own server and want to join IGA or you are a clan leader and want to join IGA contact the IGA Operations Team. For anything else just get in touch with our Administrative Office. You can reach staff in the following ways…

IGA Member Services
Hours: 12 PM – 12 AM; Daily
Link: http://imagogame.com/index.php/contact-member-services/
E-Mail: membership (at) imagogame.com
Emergency E-Mail: notify (at) imagogame.org (24/7; Outages and Server Issues Only)

IGA Operations (Hosting/Joining IGA)
Hours: 4 PM – 10 PM; Tues – Sat
Link: http://imagogame.com/index.php/hostingservice/

IGA Administration (Donations/Administration/General Issues)
Hours: 4 PM – 10 PM; Tues – Sat
Link: http://imagogame.com/index.php/contact-us/
Phone: 1 (855) 894-1866
E-Mail: admin (at) imagogame.com
Live Chat: Click Here

You can also always join our TeamSpeak or visit our forums at risaproject.net. Thanks for playing on IGA’s servers and for supporting online gaming. Let me know if you need anything.


Josh Hina (Echo-Chan/RisaXSeph)
Executive Director
International Gaming Association
jhina (at) imagogame.com

UPDATED JAN 8TH 2016: Our ticket system is back online thus the ticket email was re-added.

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