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2015 End Report/Announcements


This is the IGA Annual Report for 2015. This report will cover a brief summary of the current status of all of IGA’s properties and operations. A note though before I get too deep into this report IGA’s Administrative Office will be closed Christmas the day after Christmas and New Year’s Day. IGA will also be adopting new hours starting next week. Moderators and Administrators will be around from 12 PM to 12 AM to reflect member activity. The IGA Administrative Office (handles donation,mail, account and management stuff) will be open Tuesday – Saturday from 4 PM to 8 PM; this will also be the hours someone will be reachable by phone even though that is hardly used. For questions about those these things just feel free to email me or talk to me on TS. Now we move on to the report.

The membership of the IGA has been growing steadily since the last report. We now have three member clans, We also have ten game servers that are maintained by IGA at one time or another at this point. I would estimate that the IGA has around 45 currently active members (who log in some time over the week). Our most popular game is World of Warcraft because one of our member clns is part of that game Our next most currently maintained game that has members is Leauge of Legends followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

User Support
We currently get very few customer service requests and our technical team’s focus is more on expanding to new games or enhancing those games we currently host. Currently this team is working on restoring Madness Minecraft, creating a Garry’s Mod server and eliminating all errors on our other supported games.

Game Specific Activity
We may drop Unturned in the beginning of 2016 due to a lack of activity in the game and a lack of an overall direction for both the developer and our administrative staff in charge of this game. Minecraft is currently on hold while a plan is devised on where we plan to go with it; for the time being one of our managers is running a temporary MC server. Please see the TS for additional information on this game. BF1942 and Rust are available to players but are enabled on a more of as played basis. We are also taking this stance with StarMade because so few members play it. Bright Shadow S is currently in BETA and additional changes to the game are planned. There have been no major game outages since the last report  

The IGA’s goals for 2016 are to regain focus on games that our players would like to see, try to get an offline club of some type going, increasing exposure to the IGA name and its mission as well as bettering staff training and understanding of community expectations. Management is also working to be around more often and better our support to be in line with times people actually need staff. We are also in critical need of funding; if anyone would like to donate please contact me.


This is a very quick report of current happenings in the IGA s a whole; while specific people might have things they want included this is more to show everyone that the group is still active and exists. If there are specific goals or ideas you would like to discuss please talk with Rick or I. Happy holidays from all of us at the IGA Board of Directors and we do hope you enjoy the start of 2016!

Joshua Hina ( ~IGA~ Echo-Chan/RisaXSeph)
Executive Director
International Gaming Association
jhina (at) imagogame (dot) com

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