October 26, 2021 | 11:59 am
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Statement Regarding Paris Attacks


Considering the international nature of the IGA and the fact that we have a few members in Briton, Sweden and a number of other countries close to France I have another sad duty to post yet another release on horrible violence that occurred last night. Islamic State affiliated Terrorists launched a brutal attack on Paris violently murdering 130 people and injuring hundreds of others. This group’s purpose is to bring joy to others and help people through life but more and more I find myself preparing responses to human caused violence… It baffles me how people cannot stand together and that human differences cause so much loss of life. It is likely more lives will be lost as we move forward into “progress” but I do hope that we can learn from these events and that it only brings people closer. Acts such as these have no valid reason; there is no purpose in ending the life of random people on the street… All that is happening is great minds are being taken from humankind yet it seems to us as commonplace now… I can only hope that our members, their families and those involved in their lives find peace in life and remember that every life is valuable.


Josh Hina
Executive Director
International Gaming Association

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