October 26, 2021 | 11:50 am
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Battlefield 1942 Server


The IGA is happy to announce the release of our Battlefield 1942 server. We have been testing it over the week as a whole in the staff and a private ALPHA group. It has now been released and is should be on the Battlefield 1942 list. If you are an active member of the group, want to play and do not currently have the game please contact staff. We can direct you to a member of the team who can help you get a copy of this classic game. Please let us know other games you want to play and remember to donate your time, money or server parts to us… We would be greatful for any help anyone can provide.


Josh Hina (~[IGA]~ RisaXSeph/~[IGA]~ Captain Tom)
Executive Director/Lead Systems Administrator
International Gaming Associaiton
[email protected]


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