October 26, 2021 | 11:24 am
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A Number of Updates


There have been a number of updates over the past weekish. I will post them as bullet points as is my normal fashion.

– We have forced a TeamSpeak Client Upgrade because of security concerns related to an old version of TeamSpeak.
– We are in the process of testing out a Rust server. Information about that will be on Steam or TS until we release it to the public. We have a link to it on the front page of the website.
– Minecraft and TeamSpeak have moved over to hostnames entirely due to some IP changes; while you can use the IP to join WE WILL NOT SUPPORT USERS DOING SUCH. Please use the hostname for each server.
TeamSpeak: ts.imagogame.com
Minecraft: vanilla.madnessmc.com:25556
Unturned: unturned.imagogame.com:25444
Rust: rust.imagogame.com:28016
– We now offer a Cards Against Humanity server. For information about this please contact Hydeant directly.
– Live chat support has been made limited to only the ticket system. If you need to speak to a staff member we recommend contacting us via TeamSpeak, IRC, forums, phone or ticket. Phone support is also limited to only donation and account problems now because of lack of use and because we are so small; we do not have the staff or the need to focus on phone or live chat support.
– We have an IRC Network and the contact page has a link to our web client for it. It is much easier for staff to sit in here than it is for live chat/TS ect. Feel free to idle on IRC and chat with our team if you like. Members of the public can also use our IRC to host their channels if needed.
– Please remember to interact with others in the group; I know you all have your own friends and so forth but the point of this group is to make new friends, build a larger community and a place where people can just hang out and talk about things… I have been very nice about letting people do their own thing but I hope that this has not clouded the actual goal here… To build a thriving active community where everyone can have fun (most of the staff feel like all they do is work; that is actually very true… I guess what I am getting at is please remember that there are other people in this group than just you and your friends.)
– Our Twitter now works. Go feel free to follow us for updates about the IGA.
– TeamSpeak channels that were encouraging the group to be split up into small sections have been cleaned out. This channel deletion does not affect any group who is a member of the IGA but everyone should still remember other people log in to this place too.

As always if people have comments questions or concerns pleae feel free to reach out to me.


Josh Hina (RisaXSeph)
Executive Director/Sysadmin
International Gaming Association
jhina (at) imagogame (dot) com

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