October 26, 2021 | 12:44 pm
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Server Changes


Due to a few financial issues we have moved most of our servers and are closing down two. The Unturned PEI map will remain under a new host with a link to it coming soon. Unturned Custom and RP will be closing permanently. StarMade will be open to the public soon and has been moved to our Linux server. Also to complement our TeamSpeak we now have an off-site Mumble (just as we use to have a second TeamSpeak). There will also be some cuts in support; at the end of this week phone support will no longer be offered. We will however try to have more live chat coverage and as always staff will be on one of our Voice Servers. There is hope that these changes will help to refocus us onto our gaming roots and help to bring in more members while keeping the costs down. If you are ever interested in donating our site has a donation link. Once the Unturned PEI move is complete a notice will be posted with the IP.

Executive Director

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