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Monthly Report – August 2015


Today is the first monthly report for the IGA; considering that we only transitioned a month ago things are definitely moving in the right direction. Please remember to invite friends and provide suggestions on how we can make the group better. I will now begin the report by discussing each item related to the group individually.

Community Interaction
The groups’ member-base has increased slightly with the addition of another Unturned server and creation of a Steam Group. From gauging the temperature of the community things seem to be going well and people are either content with their gaming experience or come to hang out with friends in the TeamSpeak.

Member Services
Mark took over the Member Services team at the beginning of August following Nate needing to step back for school. During Mark’s tenure there have been multiple improvements in support starting with staff being on live chat more often than in DIMS and there being more active staff when staff are needed. There have been no complaints from members about needing staff at any specific time and most member concerns have been addressed without the need for tickets to be filed (That means a faster response).

New Additions
The IGA has released a spiffy new website thanks to the work of Rick. Madness Minecraft has had a reset in favor of upgrades, repairs and more activity from staff. A new Unturned Server was opened to appeal to those people who want to use a custom map and mods have been installed on both servers. Thanks to the ease of use of the Steam Workshop use of the mods and second map have actually increased the number of people playing. We have also created a Steam Group and added Cards Against Humanity as one of our gaming options outside of just video games. BSS is still progressing towards their BETA release and HRO is currently on hold development-wise while the IGA’s more popular services are focused on.

Financials and Policy
Currently the IGA is in the process of saving money to solidify our exempt status and is in the process of creating bylaws. The first Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for the end of August; exact date to be determined. If anyone has items they want the board to address in our first meeting please contact me and I will add it to the agenda.

Upcoming Changes
Over the next month there are plans for events to ring in the Back to School season, a new server will be set up for a game that has yet to be determined, social media expansion will take place and there is a goal of hoping to automate certain support functions to allow staff to focus on expansion and community development.

This completes the first monthly report for the IGA. These reports will become more fleshed out and make more sense in the future. This is only the first of many to come. As always if you need assistance, have suggestions or just want to comment on something feel free to reach out to me. Even if I am sitting in my office on TeamSpeak feel free to send me a message. Thank you for supporting gaming and for being a part of the IGA!


Josh Hina (~IGA~ RisaXSeph)
Executive Director
International Gaming Association
jhina (at) imagogame (dot) com
1 (855) 984-1866
Twitter/Skype/Disqus: risaxseph

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