October 26, 2021 | 12:22 pm
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New Updates – 8/6/15

Hi guys,

I have some more updates becuase things are going on. Now to my normal list.

– We now have a logo and things are progressing on our new theme.
– We have Voting again on our Unturned server.
– We have released a second Unturned server running Chernarus with multiple mod packs. For your convenience we have made a collection on the Unturned Steam Workshop called “IGA”. Feel free to download it before you join the second server.
– TeamSpeak released an update in the past few days. It should automatically update. If you have any questions on that please let us know.
– We also now have a bank account to put donations into.

If you need help using our games feel free to let staff know via ticket, chat or in-game. Enjoy your games!

Executive Director

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