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Weekly Update – Aug 3 2015


Welcome to this weeks update! There have been some pretty major changes to staff over the past couple of days. Information on this and some other changes are below.

– Nate has stepped down to a volunteer role becuase of his impending return to school. We wish him luck in his courses this term.
– Bumpeh has taken over Nate’s role and will be helping me to oversee our servers and volunteers. If you need to reach him his contact information is on the staff page.
– Our ToS is listed again. We using the same terms as before however expect changes due to our non-profit nature now. I will post an update when these changes are complete.
– To make life simpler contact forms have been added to the site; one to request services and one to reach our staff.
– On Unturned we are currently testing an Anti-KoS plugin. Please report any problems you find with the plugin.

See you guys next week!

Josh (RisaXSeph)
Executive Director
International Gaming Association

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