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Updates for July 28th 2015


Welcome to another update from me. I am contemplating doing this via video from now on but we shall see. This is the first update that is IGA specific (No more DIMS as of three days from now and everything is moved over so no point in mentioning the deadness anymores). Anywho now for a list…

– A few games had been added to our TS and we will be providing limited support for them since we have members who play them. The games are Warframe, Rocket League and Phantasy Star Online 2. If you are interested in playing PSO2 please note we use the JP servers.
– We have filled the Unturned and MMC openings. We are no longer accepting applications for staff at this time. You are welcomed to apply and if we need someone we will get back to you at that point.
– The IGA forum is now back on our servers. We tried out housing them with Invision to make our tech staff’s lives easier but it did not go well.
– For those few who actually pay; we will only be requiring payment for maintenance if you are renting a full on dedicated from us (This is currently only the BSS community.).
– Rick is rebuilding the wordpress still… He should have something in the coming days to show everyone.
– HRO and MMC are being actively updated by their lead admins. IGA managers work with the admins to oversee things but if you need something specifically with the server please contact its admin. A list of lead admins will follow. For Madness Minecraft please contact Blackberry, IGA Unturned please contact EJ (once he is back), Heaven RO please contact Bumpeh. For administration and staff questions contact me, for operations and donations contact Rick and lastly for volunteer and general game server questions please contact Nate. If it is something of a technical nature please still contact the above folks; they will pass whatever technical issue on to Jonas or I. Also if you have a question chances are you should put it in the support site anyway and it will be answered by one of the above admins.
– Last but not least Jerry O. has decided to step down from his management role. We wish him luck in his new job and hopefully he will still be around to help folks and be an active member of our group. With that being said Nate is being promoted to the Membership and Volunteer Lead.

Any questions please do comment.

Executive Director
International Gaming Association

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