December 7, 2021 | 2:02 am
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Transition Mostly Done


I am happy to announce that the transition to IGA is mostly complete. Now to my usual bulletpoint list.

– A notice will be going out to former DIMS clients on how they can reach support after August 1 and if/how they will be paying us for service (depending on the nature of what we offer them.).
-There are still some internal policy things in process of changing but most of the front-end has completely transitioned without incident.
-We have a new support center and a lot of other things have been made simpler. Check it out…
– I will try to do the updates I use to do on the forums on this blog so that members and those who play on our servers are aware of happenings in the group.
– Rick is still working on the wordpress theme.
– Disqus comments have been added to this site to prevent the FUN FUN FUN!!!!! comment system that wordpress have be default (Welcome to spam hell! Good day sir; good article u rite… u sud visit mah website

Lastly if you notice something is wrong with one of our servers we now have a 24/7 answering service who will page a staff member and can help provide basic customer service to members if they have specific questions. Enjoy the group and please stop spamming Nate’s Steam… he does not like it Unturned people :(.

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