April 5, 2020 | 7:33 pm
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1. Abuse, personal attacks and name calling is not allowed. This also includes making statements/comments which attack and/or question the moderators or administrators in regard to their resolutions on the actions of users.
2. Conducting illegal activities or other crimes is prohibited.
3. Advertisements of events, leagues, or commercial products and services are not permitted without express permission of the Project Administrators.
4. Usernames and/or avatars that contain sexual, racial, ethnic-based, or violate any other rule are prohibited.
5. Do not SPAM (Any verbal or text communication that has no real worth, is irrelevant, useless and offers nothing to a discussion)
6. No racism, sexism or nationalism will be tolerated. It is okay to have an open discussion but keep in mind that crossing this line WILL result in harsh punishment.
7. Attempting to circumvent any ban/restriction is considered to be to be a direct attack at our organization. We will take any and all legal action by contacting an individuals ISP (Internet Service Provider) if such conduct is undertaken.
8. All users are to comply with all instructions of administrators and selected moderators on our TeamSpeak 3 server.
9. Staff are not responsible for server errors. If something is stolen or a glitch causes your items to disappear notify staff; we will investigate the issue and MAY replace items from a verified bug. Do not ask for items to be replaced; if we are going to replace it we will ask you!
10. Please do not break peoples buildings; someone put effort into building that thing your breaking.
11. If you are under 13 you must have parental permission. If you are a parent needing to contact us regarding your child’s account please contact our technical department by clicking this link.
Note: It should be understood that these rules and guidelines cannot always cover every single circumstance and situation, and we must depend on the judgment of our team members to ensure we maintain desired standards.

  • BusinessRat

    Josh someone said that Ollywolf killed you and took your stuff… is that true? Im sorry i invited him here…

  • Apple’s Captor

    lol yeah. We need to start doing that to people right before they get banned, like freeze them with a plugin or something and get everybody online to come to spawn and drop anvils on him/her until he/she dies.

  • Apple’s Captor

    My profile’s on private? That must be default when you make a disqus account because I didn’t even know that was a thing…

  • BusinessRat

    Lol, theyll just log off ๐Ÿ˜›

  • That’s a rumor. In truth I have no idea who took my admin bow.

  • BusinessRat

    Ah, ok. Storm was saying Ollywolf griefed you and took your stuff.

  • BusinessRat

    Hey Josh, why is the server down? is this a mistake or are you doing maintanence?

  • See go look now; 0… spurts… It is never constant; just like the forums… oh wait thats right; no one ever uses those… and my blog… oh wait no one reads those either… such a waste of my money this place is…

  • Apple’s Captor

    This comments section has a severe lack of comments. To bring more people, I’m going to tell a story. It’s the little apple that could.
    Once upon a time, there was a derpy little awkward apple. His real name was applesauce10189 but he thought that was stupidly long and hard to remember for others so he just goes by Apple. One day, one of Apple’s friends made a server, he decided to join it and watch it flourish, he created a maze for a pass time/game for new players. But the server lacked grief protection so it kept getting griefed, but Apple kept on saying to himself “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Until 1 hacker later he says “FUCK THIS SHIT SOMEONE ELSE MAKE THIS MAZE! IT ISN’T EVEN FINISHED AND IT’S GETTING GRIEFED!”

    Now that I think of it, the title of this story is a little misleading. Btw, this is a true story.

  • Back in my day there was a thing called CoreProtect… You know what it did… It logged ALL block placements, items removals ect eliminating the need for anti-grief except at spawn cause everywhere else *command* = house exists = banishment of the griefer… Sounds legit.

  • So yeah; in the future mention you have an issue an admin can fix it.

  • nothing to see here


  • Madness will be closing soon.

  • Guest

    Madness is back online because of the Project Restart.

  • Madness is back online because of the project restart! Also join the TS to interact with other organizations that are part of the Risa Project!

  • Kind of sad this site died.

  • Derp

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